5 EPIC Tips to make your blog content stand out from everyone else

In order to get your blog be noticed and unique, there are certain important things that you need to consider. Make sure the blog has accurate and useful stats that people can understand and analyze, the blog should not be boring so it takes away the reader’s interest and make the blog accessible to public so more and more people get to share it.

Bloggers face various challenges when they write blogs. Bloggers want readers to read stuff that can make them relate to what has been written. In other words bloggers want their visitors to not just read an article or a blog but go through an experience. Bloggers have to make sure their blogs are targeting their target market in the best way they can.

Following are a few tips that can help you make your blog stand out:

1. Put the most attractive headlines you can so it becomes hard for readers to miss it. Successful bloggers spend more time drafting their blog titles than the blog itself because if the headline is tempting, it highly unlikely your blog will go unread.

2. A lot of visitors go through a blog only because they see photos that entertains them. Always try to use interesting illustrations and images which you think will attract visitors.

3. Your blog should be Practical and Beneficial. Publishing good quality content will not usually help your blog to stand out. Pushing yourself over the top is to emphasison writing content that is applicable practically and can be set into action by the readers. If by taking your blog into action the audience see results, you will eventually stand out. Publishing blogs that look great to read but don’t directly help the readers will eventually disappear out of mind.

4. Another way of standing out can by interviewing well known or famous people in their field. Find a decent reason for converse with someone well known in your category to get reflectivity. You can reach out to these people by video call or by email.

5. The last approach to make your blog stick out is to design your blog with unique and quality design. It can be using colour schemes that may get audience attention, customized header design or customized graphic design that make your blog unique.