Job Detail

Teaching / Disseminating Knowledge



Job Type:

Full Time/Permanent


Bchelor's Degree in Education

3-5 Years
Offered Salary


Job Description

Only American, Canadian, South African, Irish or British nationals can apply

The candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

All candidates must have Bachelor degree in education and at least from 3-5 years of school teaching experience at International schools or familiar with international curriculum. Two years continuous experience at one school we will not accept any candidate who changes school every year. The ages of teachers should be from 26-40 years. Benefits: Teachers' salary will be according to their qualifications, experiences and competency of the teacher. Free Shared furnished accommodation for single teachers. 2 bedroom furnished accommodation for couples. Annual return ticket or ticket allowance. Medical and life insurance in the Sultanate of Oman. 60 days Annual paid leave within the year depending on the school calendar approved by the ministry of education. 

Working hours: Sunday-Thursday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for teachers-7:30 am to 2:00 pm for students

Science Teacher Responsibilities:

Designing, developing, and delivering quality lesson plans and curricula that adhere to national and school guidelines.

Drawing up suitable assessments and delivering helpful feedback to students, parents, and other teachers.

Setting up demonstrations and assisting and supervising students while they conduct experiments.

Providing extra resources, support, and interventions for students who are struggling.

Ensuring all permission slips are signed in a timely manner and acting as a field trip chaperone when required.

Grading papers, updating records, and handling various administrative tasks.

Creating an environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and voicing concerns. Assisting with the recruitment and training of all new teachers and providing support to student teachers.

Participating in other school activities and regularly communicating with parents.



Degree in Science or a related discipline.

A relevant teaching certificate or license.

A completed apprenticeship or teaching experience.

Practical experience with MS Office, Google Classroom, and other software.

Dedication, patience, and the ability to remain calm in tense situations.

The ability to answer sensitive questions and create an environment where everyone’s opinions are respected.

A passion for science and a commitment to continuing education.

Strong communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills.

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