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Teaching / Disseminating Knowledge



Job Type:



Bachelor Degree in Education 

3-5 Years
Offered Salary


Job Description

Nationality: - Any Native English Speaker preferably American, Canadian, South African, Irish or British are eligible to apply

Contract Duration: 2 Academic Years Note: CVs without candidate’s photograph will not be considered

Benefits: 1. Salary will be negotiated, dependent on Experiences. 2. Free Shared furnished accommodation for single teachers.

3. 2 bedroom furnished accommodation for couples. 4. Annual return ticket or ticket allowance 5. Medical and life insurance in the Sultanate of Oman. 6. 60 days Annual paid leave within the year depending on the school calendar approved by the ministry of education

Working hours: Sunday-Thursday from 7:00 am to 3:00 pm for teachers-7:30 am to 2:00 pm for students

Accountabilities: To agree, monitor and evaluate the subject pupil progress targets in KS3, KS4 and post 16 public examinations to make a measurable contribution to whole school targets.

To lead curriculum development to ensure the delivery of an appropriate, comprehensive, high quality and cost effective curriculum programme.

To create a subject development plan which contributes positively to the achievement of the school development plan and which actively involves all subject teachers in its design andexecution.

To engage all subject staff in the creation, consistent implementation and improvement of schemes of work which encapsulate key school learning strategies.

To review teaching and learning, monitoring the progress of pupils identified as requiring additional support (vulnerable groups e.g. pupil premium, EAL or G & T groups) to ensure all pupils are engaged in their learning and achieve success.

To provide regular feedback for subject colleagues in a way which recognises good practice and supports their progress against performance management objectives resulting in a tangible impact on student learning.

To assist the designated SLT line manager in the annual review of the standards of leadership, teaching and learning in the subject area, consistent with the procedures in the school selfevaluation policy.

To ensure all subject staff understand, and are actively implementing, the key aspects of the school’s behaviour and inclusion polices.

To oversee and evaluate the subject budget allocation to ensure the budget is spent in line with subject learning priorities and best value principles.

To act as a role model in leading subject staff in own high quality teaching, continuous professional development and professional presence in the department.

To contribute to the development of whole school strategic planning and policies.

The post holder is responsible for ensuring that the school safeguarding/child protection policy is adhered to and concerns are raised in accordance with this policy.

To carry out tasks as reasonably required by the Head teacher.

Specific Accountabilities: To ensure the efficient deployment, organisation and upkeep of departmental resources. Including the responsibility that rooms and areas used by the department provide a safe, high quality environment for learning.

To present and promote curriculum area for evening events such as option evening, open evening and Sixth Form open evening

To prepare for and attend regular line management meetings with a member of SLT.

Details of Line Management: Heads of Departments are line managed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team to day work of support staff who support in the subject area.


All candidates must have Bachelor degree in education and at least from 3-5 years of school teaching experience at International schools or familiar with international curriculum.

Two years continuous experience at one school we will not accept any candidate who changes school every year

The ages of teachers should be from 26-40 years old


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