How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Business

When you think about advertising your good and services you need a platform that will offer you to reach out to potential audience and broadcast the type of message you have thought to be best suited for your company. You don’t have to master all the platforms, which takes vast amount of bandwidth and resources. It is better to master few and be awesome on. Social media is an easy way to reach out to maximum people and is less costly.

Let’s discuss each of the social media platforms that you can use for your business


The world’s largest and leading platform that crows nearly two billion monthly active subscribers. So if you want my honest opinion then having your presence on Facebook is a must, don’t even consider it an option. Today Facebook is another google. People if they want to find out about your or your business there is a great probability that they will look up Facebook. What is Facebook best at? It connects people, business and brands from all around the globe. In the recent it has been the most used digital marketing platform in the world. Whether you are a home based setup it provides you best prospect for your business. Some of the potential features of Facebook is that you can stream live, connect to large number of audience, long form of content can be written in the post, E-commerce integration, and much more.


Pinterest is publicized as a content-sharing facility that lets members to pin or post photos, videos, and add images to their pin boards.This site, which has a chieflybeen a female audience, is model for businesses for which visual or chromatic imagery is a key feature or selling point. If you center on wedding planning, wedding cakes, travel destinations, makeup, interior or exterior decorating, fashion or foods, you can say countless deal about your products and services through your striking photos or videos.


YouTube is a very influentialand commanding tool, visually compelled and theoretically very exciting. It has grown into synonymous with home-based or company-made videos. It's viewed worldwide, and individuals post videos with hopes of going viral.

The mainkey to using YouTube efficiently is to feature your business product or service in an unforgettable way and tell practically about your product or service via videos and with a millions of people now using YouTube, the slab is set very high. Nobody wants to watch a boring video.


LinkedIn is more about growing connections in the world of business and utilizing those connection when necessary. It’s great for those people and business that market themselves and when others need your service, you are there. It also includes discussions if you want to discuss your interest, ask question and answers, service providers are more prevailing than manufacturers or retailers on this platform. The only setback that this has is it is not very visual.


Twitter is a platform with an ongoing conversation just like a conversation you have on a text message and has become very popular. Using twitter is more like staying in the moment unlike Facebook or other platforms where you can respond later.

Twitter is a marvelous tool if you want to break news, update about your product or service, question to ask the audience, asking for opinions and even to make announcements. It is suitable for those businesses that has things running for them frequently and prefer to reach their followers directly.