Checklist for devising a suitable recruitment strategy in any organization

When it comes to hiring employees you have to find someone who is perfectly suited to the position that is open in your company. To find said perfect employee you must use a recruiting strategy that will find the perfect fit for you, and to get the perfect recruiting strategy you have to know what you’re looking for and plan it based on that. With that saidhere are some pointers you might want to keep in mind when devising the perfect recruitment strategy for your company:

1. Do you need a team player or a lone wolf? Different attitudes are required for different jobs, if you need someone who works well in a team hiring someone who doesn’t play well with others may not turn out to be the best choice for you. The same goes for hiring someone who depends on the help of team mates for a solo job, they won’t be able to handle it because there is no one there to support them.

2. Are you looking for youth or experience? This attribute depends on the job as well; if you are looking to hire someone, for example, for a marketing position then you might want someone who understands the mind-set of the general populace that would mean hiring someone young. But if you were, let’s say, hiring for a position in finances then you’ll want someone with more experience in the field rather than someone who’s completely new to it.

3. Make sure the person you’re hiring has the drive required to handle the position you’re going to be assigning to them, a bad apple in any position in the company could mean a catastrophe for it. If the candidate doesn’t have the energy you’re looking for, look somewhere else.

4. Set a price range. Sometimes you can only afford to hire employees who sit in a certain price range, so you have to weed out the ones that may be over the budget you’ve set.

5. Get references. If you like a candidate and want to hire him for the open position make sure to ask for references from his previous job. It is easy for someone to seem like a hard worker for an interview but in reality be lazy and unmotivated, employers are often bamboozled by this false demeanour. If you ask their previous manager what type of employee he was you can be sure you’re getting what you’re paying for.

6. Finally, do a background check on the candidate. Perhaps at work they seem to be the model citizen but privately they could be involved in acts that may lessen the companies status if ever found out about. Of course you can still hire people who may have sketchy backgrounds, they may have changed or fixed their ways and are just looking for a fresh start.

Make sure you base your recruitment strategy around this list if you wish to find the best employee for the position open in your company. Happy hunting!