The importance of networking

What is networking? 

Networking is the sharing of information or services between people, groups 

and businesses. It is a strategic way for people to grow different relationships 

to help their job or business grow. These can be built and useful for individuals 

for their personal or professional lives. 

Networking is the number 1 unwritten rule of success in business. The more 

hands you shake, the more you are on people’s radar. It does not get anymore 

simple than that. When you network with a variety of different people, it will 

allow you to grow and prosper and opens your avenues a lot more. It will give 

you the opportunity to have incredible conversations with individuals who 

have their own area of expertise and are willing to help you and your business. 

This will then give you an insight into what your career could look like. 

Networking is the key to promoting your career.  

In terms of business networking will allow you to break into new markets and 

collaborate with other brands. Once you do this, it will allow you to create new 

branches in your business, increase your business image and further increase 


Digital networking is essential in any marketing strategy today. If you attend 

events or contact professionals these discussions you have can easily lead to 

new motivations, ideas and directions.  

You are noticeable when you network, and it will give you access to well 

connected and respected individuals to help you prosper in your business and 

on a personal point.  


Here are some top 5 behaviours of a great networker: 

1.Positive attitude- Having a positive attitude will make people want to 

associate with you 

2.Sincere and Authentic- Those who have developed successful 

networking skills convey their sincerity 

3.Be a good listener- Success in networking depends upon how well you 

can listen and learn so that you can take things on board 

4.Collaboration- People want to network with individuals who have a 

collaborative attitude.  

5.Follow Up- Always ensure that you follow up and listen to what has been 

said and take the appropriate actions.  

Doing this will help you with networking and allow you to flourish. 


See below 10 tips on how to network: 


●Always be ready to give your pitch 

●Ask for help 

●Present yourself well 

●Ask questions and listen  

●Be aware of your online presence  

●Do your homework 

●Utilise your online presence  

●Stay in touch with your networking  

●Keep networking do not stop!