Helping organizations recruit the right people at the right time from our Global Talent Pool. We specialize in ICT Recruitment and Senior Executive Management Head-Hunting Solutions. Mushawar UK Ltd can help you recruit for multiple positions and for multiple industries across the globe simultaneously with our vast infrastructure, global presence and High-Quality Resources Network.

From developing Job Descriptions to sourcing candidates and establishing Talent Acquisition sources for your company. Mushawar UK can help you improve your Talent Acquisition Techniques. How are we better than other Employment Agencies & Recruiters? Mushawar UK can assist you in shortlisting Resumes and Conducting in person HR interviews before sharing resumes for you to review.

Our qualified consultants have a combined 20+ years of experience and expertise of People Management, which enables them to understand the diverse Business and Industry requirements and achieve faster turnaround times for recruitment.

Mushawar UK Ltd has a diverse experience of working with various industries in South Asia and Middle East ranging from Information Technology, Industrial & Manufacturing Sector, Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Sector, Retail and NGO Sector as well as Computer Software Industry.

We understand clients already have too much on their plates, considering this, we can conduct FIRST Level interviews and screening for you thus saving many man hours. Our Consultants can also conduct Strategic HR, Personality Mapping Sessions with shortlisted candidates. Mushawar UK takes off tremendous burden from your shoulders by providing extensive array of recruitment solutions which includes:

  • Headhunting C Level Management/Top – Tier Hiring:
  • Our experienced team members with their Recruitment Expertise can help you find the most suitable and skilled candidates to match your requirements for your top management vacancies.

    We have Head Hunted for C – Level Positions such as COO, CFO, Sales Directors, Procurement Heads to Software Architects, General Managers, first line Managers and Team Leads across all regions; Pakistan, UK, India, UAE, KSA, Australia, USA, China and Kenya.

  • Technology Hiring:
  • Having trouble hiring technology resources for your own company? Tired of working with recruiters who do not know the difference between a Software Architect and a Software Delivery Manager?

    Is your HR team quickly becoming a recruitment only team because of the high demand for recruiting technology resources in your company?

    Our Consultants have been working with the technology industry around the world for over a decade now and can help you hire the best from the market.

  • Recruitment Outsourcing
  • Are you a Recruitment Agency /Technology Resources Outsourcing Company with a lot of targets to achieve? We work for recruitment agencies and outsourcing companies around the world to help close their Recruitment projects in record time.